One Espresso Martini Please

Who said comfy can’t look cool?

Se este look tivesse um sabor seria salted caramel: Sweet and comfy com uma pitada de sal. Para um ambiente mais confortável, com um apontamento festivo, no Natal ou Passagem De Ano, aqui está a solução perfeita: Camisola de malha, saia de lantejoulas e cowboy boots.

This is what I’d call the salted caramel look, it’s just as sweet as caramel but it has the right amount of salt to spice it up! If you’ll be spending Christmas or NYE in a chill mood but still want some party vibes here’s the perfect solution for you: Knit sweater, sequins and a pair of cowboy boots!

Look: Sfera Boots: Iro Paris

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